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The wake-up lamp


Alto is an
interactive bedside lamp.

Both an alarm clock lamp and a small bedroom speaker, it wakes you up in a soft and singular way, in sound and light.
Alto - The bedside lamp - Noir c'est noir - Jaune Fabrique
Alto - The bedside lamp - La Rouquine - Jaune Fabrique
Alto - Bedside lamp - Les mots bleus - Jaune Fabrique
Alto - The bedside lamp - Couleur menthe à l'eau - Jaune Fabrique

Alto speaks music.

Fine musical selections, nature soundtracks from the end of the world... Thanks to its small speaker and its connectivity, it offers a new touch of creativity and discovery with each wake-up.

Alto shines.

It provides an innovative dimming light to wake you up smoothly, and sublime each environment.

Alto is elegant.

The lamp’s pure design and geometric shapes are made from multiple metal craftings and handmade finishes.

it comes in four colors:
Alto - The bedside lamp - Noir c'est noir - Jaune Fabrique
Alto - The bedside lamp - La Rouquine - Jaune Fabrique
Alto - Bedside lamp - Les mots bleus - Jaune Fabrique
Alto - The bedside lamp - Couleur menthe à l'eau - Jaune Fabrique

Alto composes,
every day

Jaune Fabrique partners with brands, artists and curators to offer a tasteful listening experience. Customize your alarm clock, the experiences last for a few minutes and renew every day.
Wake-up light
Wake-up light
20 mn of light graduation, sunrise experience.

Voyages acoustiques
Voyages acoustiques
Daily smooth records from all over the world.
Ballades musicales
Ballades musicales
Our daily musical selections.
Spotify playlists
Your own playlist
With Spotify, or tailor-made to hotels.

Our collaborative selections: a new song to discover every morning.


Discoveries, eclectic, shivering and nostalgic, sometimes even erratic. No genre, no period, carte blanche all in color.
Il n’a pas de frontière, et il n’a même pas de pays...


Vibrations of a string, a piano sonata, deep voice over a swing, time stops for a solo. From jazz passion to rich classical musics, melodies and harmonics played at a slow tempo.
Got my heart, got my soul.

Mehdi Az - Curator Yellow Factory
Mehdi Az - Vice - Music selector
Jean Morel - Curator Yellow Factory Jeans
Jean Morel - Grünt - Radio Nova

World sounds

Colin has been a sound recordist for 10 years. He travels equipped with his high fidelity microphones, his exciting research, and his patience. He aims at capturing a landscape, a species, an event or an urban atmosphere.

Each morning, he shares with us his sound archives from all around the world. An awakening filled with nature, culture and surprises

Colin Hunter - Curator Jaune Fabrique
Colin Hunter - World Sounds

Paul Louda

ESAD Reims, ECAL, Studio Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

“Alto for its top hat, Alto for its musical notes…”

Paul’s creation combines technologies and quality craftsmanship. A simple object was given life from working aluminium and steel in its several forms: Brushed, dyed in gold and nickel, woven, and lacquered in a range of expressive colors.

The outcome is a luminaire whose aesthetics translate in the balance and purity of its forms. Both sophisticated and minimalistic, Alto is a modern luminaire that embodies audacity.

Alto Cylinders -  Jaune FabriquePaul Louda, Designer Jaune Fabrique

Alto is sophisticated,
but simple to use.

Simple, thanks to its two rotating cylinders
↺ Their rotation controls light and sound volume.⤓ A simple pression triggers and stop the musical atmosphere.
Sophisticated, thanks to its connectivity
The listening experience and the alarm clock can be set from a smartphone.Alto can also be used as a wireless speaker.

upside down.

Height 36cm, ø hat 25 cm, ø base 10 cm.
Aluminum and lacquered paint.
Brushed, gold or nickel-tinted cylinders and shanks.
Steel woven wire mesh.
White opaline diffuser.
Dimmable LED lighting, progressive transition between ambient and functional lighting.
Full range 12 Watts speaker and passive bass, qualitative listening.
Stereo coupling between lamps (multiroom).
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, smartphone app.
Nota bene
Once programmed, Alto is not dependent on a phone to work.
Automatic switch to sleep mode at night (no wave).
Evolving product, regularly updated remotely,
Alto is not fond of your data and does not wear a microphone.
Alto Teardown - Exploded View -  Jaune Fabrique

Viola, preview.

We regularly open pre-series of Alto in private and direct sales in very limited quantities and at reduced prices.
Alto -  Jaune Fabrique - The interactive bedside lamp.