Jaune Fabrique is a marriage of two worlds we are passionate about, a search for balance between abstract and concrete, design and technology.

We redesign the role of the lighting to enrich its experience using modern technologies, but with a higher degree of taste and feeling.
We give it a soul, a useful and enjoyable nature, in total sense and harmony with their environment.
Thanks to connectivity, it can provide new functional fields while preserving a convenience to use, and purity of shape at the same time, in a perfect balance of physical and digital interactions.

We want to imagine, design and craft beautiful objects.
We make technology disappear through the design, while using it harmoniously to expand the creative identity of the object over its aesthetic, providing a visual, interactive and sensorial experience

Body, heart, and soul.

Our interactive lighting are dedicated to people and places in search for comfort, well-being and creativity in housing technologies, but who cannot conceive to pollute their neat home decor with a multitude of unaesthetic objects and convoluted features.

Jaune fabrique is a parisian brand and company newly created in 2019. We have design and build Alto so far, first creation of a range of interactive luminaires. We want to associates our expertises in multimedia, electronics and mechanics with the sensibility and know-how of designers, craftsman, artists and architects.

Our story starts with Alto, a bedside lamp blending light and sound, first creation from our interactive luminaires collection.

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Jaune Fabrique
16 rue Sainte-Foy
75002 Paris

A simplified joint stock company
R851 806 158 R.C.S. Paris
Alto Speaker Metal Mesh