Jaune Fabrique is a marriage of two worlds that fascinate us, the search for balance in a contrast of abstract and concrete, that of design and technology.

We manufacture interactive lighting. We rethink the place of the luminaire to enrich the experience, using technology with common sense and good taste.
We want to create, design and manufacture beautiful objects. To make technology disappear in favour of design, without the creative identity of the object stopping at its aesthetics, but offering a visual, interactive and sensorial experience.

A body, a heart and a soul.

Our objects are for builders of living spaces and experiences, passionate about music, beautiful objects or innovation.
To those who are looking for comfort, well-being and creativity in home technologies, but who do not want to pollute a well-kept interior with a multitude of industrial objects with convoluted functionalities.

Jaune Fabrique is a young Parisian brand. Both manufacturer and editor, our luminaires are designed and manufactured in France.
We combine our know-how in object, electronic and digital design with the sensitivity and expertise of designers, craftsmen, artists and architects.

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Jaune Fabrique
16 rue Sainte-Foy
75002 Paris

A simplified joint stock company
R851 806 158 R.C.S. Paris
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